Commit bea22782 authored by Marco's avatar Marco
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vp9: 1 pass cbr: Fix to qp clamping when gf_cbr_boost_pct is used.

Avoid the qp-clamping on gf/alt frame if gf_cbr_boost_pct is set.

Change only affect CBR mode when  gf_cbr_boost_pct is set.

Change-Id: I0655ed4f2b047c8ed1ed33a070c17960ad776704
parent 371a64bf
......@@ -560,6 +560,8 @@ int vp9_rc_regulate_q(const VP9_COMP *cpi, int target_bits_per_frame,
// In CBR mode, this makes sure q is between oscillating Qs to prevent
// resonance.
if (cpi->oxcf.rc_mode == VPX_CBR &&
(!cpi->oxcf.gf_cbr_boost_pct ||
!(cpi->refresh_alt_ref_frame || cpi->refresh_golden_frame)) &&
(cpi->rc.rc_1_frame * cpi->rc.rc_2_frame == -1) &&
cpi->rc.q_1_frame != cpi->rc.q_2_frame) {
q = clamp(q, VPXMIN(cpi->rc.q_1_frame, cpi->rc.q_2_frame),
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