Commit c5dc3373 authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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work around pic issue with gcc 6

Enable pic when building sse2 or higher optimizations.


Change-Id: I36c6e83ed716649f3d9ee10ce3aa9bb847cac2d9
parent 8a4336ed
...@@ -1312,6 +1312,11 @@ EOF ...@@ -1312,6 +1312,11 @@ EOF
check_gcc_machine_option ${ext%_*} $ext check_gcc_machine_option ${ext%_*} $ext
fi fi
fi fi
# The assembly optimizations for vpx_sub_pixel_variance do not link with
# gcc 6.
enabled sse2 && soft_enable pic
done done
if enabled external_build; then if enabled external_build; then
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