Commit d02aa044 authored by Johnny Klonaris's avatar Johnny Klonaris Committed by Johann
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Adds subsecond frame rates to webm

Numerator was being range checked against the
denominator - preventing any frame rate slower
than 1 fps.

I've tested this on a Mac using using ffmpeg and
results are comparable to mp4 and ogg files generated
at the same time.

Not yet tested on Windows.

Johnny Klonaris

Change-Id: Idb358dbc2e7dc000037880ede4a1b0df248a42c8
parent 71e88f90
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ static vpx_codec_err_t validate_config(vpx_codec_alg_priv_t *ctx,
RANGE_CHECK(cfg, g_w, 1, 16383); /* 14 bits available */
RANGE_CHECK(cfg, g_h, 1, 16383); /* 14 bits available */
RANGE_CHECK(cfg, g_timebase.den, 1, 1000000000);
RANGE_CHECK(cfg, g_timebase.num, 1, cfg->g_timebase.den);
RANGE_CHECK(cfg, g_timebase.num, 1, 1000000000);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(cfg, g_profile, 3);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(cfg, rc_max_quantizer, 63);
RANGE_CHECK_HI(cfg, rc_min_quantizer, cfg->rc_max_quantizer);
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