Commit dfa2ecc3 authored by Scott LaVarnway's avatar Scott LaVarnway
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Changed size of mb_mode_context to 8 bits

This reduced the size of the MODE_INFO array (mip and prev_mip)
by 425,568 bytes each for 1080p resolutions.

Change-Id: Ifa513ec2d0a49e8ec0867ec90620762fb7f1261d
parent 93f88ab5
......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ typedef struct {
int_mv best_mv, best_second_mv;
int mb_mode_context[MAX_REF_FRAMES];
uint8_t mb_mode_context[MAX_REF_FRAMES];
unsigned char mb_skip_coeff; /* does this mb has coefficients at all, 1=no coefficients, 0=need decode tokens */
unsigned char segment_id; // Segment id for current frame
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