Commit e038d161 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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inv_txfm_sse2.h: correct idct*/iadst* prototypes

fixes mismatch between prototypes and definitions

Change-Id: Ib5e7dfcce244dbb8401815be2cdd183d96792652
parent f64e1404
......@@ -720,12 +720,12 @@ static INLINE void idct32_8x32_quarter_3_4_stage_4_to_7(
void idct4_sse2(__m128i *in);
void idct8_sse2(__m128i *in);
void idct16_sse2(__m128i *in0, __m128i *in1);
void iadst4_sse2(__m128i *in);
void iadst8_sse2(__m128i *in);
void iadst16_sse2(__m128i *in0, __m128i *in1);
void idct4_sse2(__m128i *const in);
void idct8_sse2(__m128i *const in);
void idct16_sse2(__m128i *const in0, __m128i *const in1);
void iadst4_sse2(__m128i *const in);
void iadst8_sse2(__m128i *const in);
void iadst16_sse2(__m128i *const in0, __m128i *const in1);
void idct32_1024_8x32(const __m128i *const in, __m128i *const out);
void idct32_34_8x32_sse2(const __m128i *const in, __m128i *const out);
void idct32_34_8x32_ssse3(const __m128i *const in, __m128i *const out);
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