Commit fee146e6 authored by Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje
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vp10: don't write tile size marker bit if CONFIG_MISC_FIXES=0.

Change-Id: I41b13b8767e30da391c2c4da9a729ca7292b16b9
parent 1799f2f8
......@@ -1348,14 +1348,19 @@ static int remux_tiles(uint8_t *dest, const int sz,
void vp10_pack_bitstream(VP10_COMP *const cpi, uint8_t *dest, size_t *size) {
VP10_COMMON *const cm = &cpi->common;
uint8_t *data = dest;
size_t first_part_size, uncompressed_hdr_size;
struct vpx_write_bit_buffer wb = {data, 0};
struct vpx_write_bit_buffer saved_wb;
unsigned int max_tile, data_sz;
VP10_COMMON *const cm = &cpi->common;
const int n_log2_tiles = cm->log2_tile_rows + cm->log2_tile_cols;
const int have_tiles = n_log2_tiles > 0;
const int have_tiles = 0; // we have tiles, but we don't want to write a
// tile size marker in the header
write_uncompressed_header(cpi, &wb);
saved_wb = wb;
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