1. 06 Dec, 2017 2 commits
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      vp9-svc: Allow for nonzero motion on spatial reference. · 9f9d4f8d
      Marco authored
      For nonrd pickmode on a given spatial layer, the spatial
      (golden) reference was always only using zeromv for prediction.
      In this patch if the downsampling filter used for generating
      the lower spatial layer is an averaging filter (nonzero phase),
      we allow for subpel motion on the spatial (golden) reference to
      compensate for the shift. This is done by forcing the testing of
      nonzero motion mode to compensate for spatial downsampling shift.
      Improvement for cases where the downsampling is averaging filter.
      In the current code this is only done for generating
      resolutions <= QVGA.
      Improvement for avgPSNR/SSIM on RTC set for speed 7: ~1.2%.
      Gain is larger (~2-3%) for VGA clips with 2 spatial layers.
      ~1% speed slowdown for 3 layer SVC on mac.
      Change-Id: I9ec4fa20a38947934fc650594596c25280c3b289
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      quantize x86: dedup some parts · bd990cad
      Johann authored
      Change-Id: I9f95f47bc7ecbb7980f21cbc3a91f699624141af
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      vp9-svc: Fix to the layer buffer settings. · cbe62b9c
      Marco authored
      For the case when the number of temporal layers > 1,
      the buffer levels (starting/optimal_buffer_level,
      and maximum_buffer_size) were not scaled properly.
      In vp9_update_layer_context_change_config():
      when setting the layer-buffer levels, fix is to scale
      the layer-target_bandwidth by the target_bandwidth
      (which is the full stream bandwidth) instead of the
      This is needed because prior to the call
      vp9_update_layer_context_change_config(), set_rc_buffer_sizes()
      is called which sets the buffer levels based on target bandwidth
      (which is the full bandwidth for the SVC stream).
      This fix properly sets the layer-buffer levels based on the
      layer-bandwidth, and leads to better rate targeting.
      Small/neutral change in avgPSNR/SSIM metrics on RTC set.
      Change-Id: Ic0f4f7f3487c37b9a9adb4781ae5edfed7140a57
  8. 21 Nov, 2017 4 commits
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