1. 17 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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  5. 10 Oct, 2017 7 commits
    • Linfeng Zhang's avatar
      Add 4 to 1 scaling x86 optimization · 16166bfd
      Linfeng Zhang authored
      Change-Id: I51c190f0a88685867df36912522e67bdae58a673
    • Jerome Jiang's avatar
    • Jerome Jiang's avatar
      Fix alignment in vpx_image without external allocation. · 33c59899
      Jerome Jiang authored
      This restores behaviors prior to
      <40c8fde Fix image width alignment. Enable ImageSizeSetting test.>.
      Change-Id: I559557afe80d5ff5ea6ac24021561715068e7786
    • Marco's avatar
      Adjustment to scene detection and key frame. · 017257a3
      Marco authored
      For 1 pass vbr: use higher threshold on avg_sad
      and force key frame under scene cut detection if
      above the threshold. Allow it for speed >= 6 for now,
      since it does not use the full nonrd_pickmode partition
      (as in speed 5).
      Improves quality somewhat on scene cut frames.
      Neutral on overall metrics and fps for speed 6 on
      ytlive set.
      Change-Id: I12626f7627419ca14f9d0d249df86c7104438162
    • Linfeng Zhang's avatar
      Merge changes I9d4c1af5,I882da3a0 · 963cc22c
      Linfeng Zhang authored
      * changes:
        Rename some inline functions in NEON scaling
        Generalize 2:1 vp9_scale_and_extend_frame_ssse3()
    • paulwilkins's avatar
      Further Corpus VBR change. · 06d231c9
      paulwilkins authored
      Change to the bit allocation within a GF/ARF group.
      Normal VBR and CQ mode allocate bits to a GF/ARF group based of the mean
      complexity score of the frames in that group but then share bits evenly between
      the "normal" frames in that group regardless of the individual frame complexity
      scores (with the exception of the middle and last frames).
      This patch alters the behavior for the experimental "Corpus VBR" mode such that
      the allocation is always based on the individual complexity scores.
      Change-Id: I5045a143eadeb452302886cc5ccffd0906b75708
    • paulwilkins's avatar
      Corpus Wide VBR test implementation. · 741bd6df
      paulwilkins authored
      This patch makes further changes to support an experimental
      corpus wide VBR mode that uses a corpus complexity
      number as the midpoint of the distribution used to allocate bits
      within a clip, rather than some average error score derived from the
      clip itself.
      At the moment the midpoint number is hard wired for testing and
      the mode is enabled or disabled through a #ifdef.  Ultimately this
      would need to be controlled by command line parameters.
      Change-Id: I9383b76ac9fc646eb35a5d2c5b7d8bc645bfa873
  6. 09 Oct, 2017 3 commits
  7. 08 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Kyle Siefring's avatar
      Add AVX2 version of vpx_convolve8_avg. · 9ca06bcd
      Kyle Siefring authored
      vpx_convolve8_avg works by first running a normal horizontal filter then a
      vertical filter averages at the end.
      The added vpx_convolve8_avg_avx2 calls pre-existing AVX2 code for the
      horizontal step.
      vpx_convolve8_avg_vert_avx2 is also added, but only uses ssse3 code.
      Change-Id: If5160c0c8e778e10de61ee9bf42ee4be5975c983
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