1. 03 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar
      Add support for YUV4MPEG2 output. · 7f9db419
      Timothy B. Terriberry authored
      These files can be played back directly in most major open-source media
       frameworks without the need for additional patches or parameters.
      Change-Id: I59f98c1658298245c688f7d107cf393445e470d5
  2. 25 May, 2010 2 commits
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      vpx_image: add VPX_ prefix to PLANE_* · b6c71918
      John Koleszar authored
      The PLANE_{PACKED,Y,U,V,ALPHA} macros should be renamed to be within the
      VPX_ namespace.
      Fixes #27
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      install includes in DIST_DIR/include/vpx, move vpx_codec/ to vpx/ · b7492341
      John Koleszar authored
      This renames the vpx_codec/ directory to vpx/, to allow applications
      to more consistently reference these includes with the vpx/ prefix.
      This allows the includes to be installed in /usr/local/include/vpx
      rather than polluting the system includes directory with an
      excessive number of includes.
      Change-Id: I7b0652a20543d93f38f421c60b0bbccde4d61b4f
  3. 18 May, 2010 1 commit