1. 31 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      vp9: Fix denoising condition when pickmode partition is used. · 999bd6ea
      Marco authored
      When the superblock partition is based on the nonrd-pickmode,
      we need to avoid the denoising. Current condition was based on
      the speed level. This change is to make the condition at the
      superblock level, as the switch in partitioning may be done at
      sb level based on source_sad (e.g., in speed 6).
      Change-Id: I12ece4f60b93ed34ee65ff2d6cdce1213c36de04
  2. 30 Jul, 2017 1 commit
  3. 29 Jul, 2017 6 commits
  4. 28 Jul, 2017 7 commits
  5. 27 Jul, 2017 2 commits
  6. 26 Jul, 2017 3 commits
  7. 25 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      vpx_variance16x16_sse2: correct cast order · 85736e61
      James Zern authored
      allow the right shift to operate on 64-bits, this matches the rest of
      the implementations
      b0f1ae14 vpx_get16x16var_avx2: correct cast order
      Change-Id: I632ee5e418f3f9b30e79ecd05588eb172b0783aa
  8. 24 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      vpx_get16x16var_avx2: correct cast order · b0f1ae14
      James Zern authored
      allow the right shift to operate on 64-bits, this matches the rest of
      the implementations
      missed in:
      6acd061a variance_avx2: sync variance functions with c-code
      Change-Id: Icae436b881251ccb9f9ed64fcbf8d358c58a4617
  9. 22 Jul, 2017 1 commit
  10. 20 Jul, 2017 7 commits
  11. 19 Jul, 2017 5 commits
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      Merge "Earmark extra space for VSX." · e1809501
      Johann Koenig authored
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      quantize test: eob is output · bde2e4aa
      Johann authored
      eob values are generated by the function.
      Change-Id: I8ce92100e83022bff99888a5a7e6ef378c49fda3
    • Han Shen's avatar
      Earmark extra space for VSX. · b72d3e8a
      Han Shen authored
      Backend specific optimization for PPC VSX reads 16 bytes, whereas arm neon /
      sse2 only reads <= 8 bytes. Although the extra bytes read are actually never
      used, this is not a warrant for groping around.  Fixed by allocating more when
      building for VSX. This is reported by asan.
      Also note - PPC does have assembly that loads 64-bit content from memory - lxsdx
      loads one 64-bit doubleword (whereas lxvd2x loads two 64-bit doubleword) from
      memory. However, we only have "vec_vsx_ld" builtins that mapped to lxvd2x, no
      builtins to lxsdx. The only way to access lxsdx is through inline assembly,
      which does not fit well in the origin paradigm.
          vpx_tm_predictor_4x4_vsx @ third_party/libvpx/git_root/vpx_dsp/ppc/intrapred_vsx.c
          vpx_tm_predictor_4x4_neon @ third_party/libvpx/git_root/vpx_dsp/arm/intrapred_neon_asm.asm
          tm_predictor_4x4 @ third_party/libvpx/git_root/vpx_dsp/x86/intrapred_sse2.asm
        asan tests passed.
      Change-Id: I5f74b56e35c05b67851de8b5530aece213f2ce9d
    • Johann Koenig's avatar
      Merge "variance: call C comp_avg_pred" · 89a116f4
      Johann Koenig authored
  12. 18 Jul, 2017 5 commits