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    • James Zern's avatar
      remove CONFIG_MISC_FIXES · d45617c7
      James Zern authored
      this belonged to vp10 with the changes now migrated to av1.
      Change-Id: Ie30ead3e7b71f465bc14136e1b6f156ea978c43f
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  13. 27 Sep, 2016 2 commits
    • James Zern's avatar
      configure: test for -Wshorten-64-to-32 in non hbd builds · 06abc1ec
      James Zern authored
      provides msvc-like warnings for implicit conversions from 64-bit to
      32-bit types
      --enable-vp9-highbitdepth still requires some work
      this also skips CXXFLAGS for now as some work would be needed to cleanup
      third_party/*.cc or split it from test/*.cc where it comes to flags.
      Change-Id: Ic9a095b73286eba5ed39bfc27ff69593748cbbf4
    • Johann's avatar
      Expand -Wextra to more of the library · c3a135b5
      Johann authored
      Suppress warnings in third_party/.
      vp8 -Wclobbered issue is tracked here:
      Change-Id: I9b94bf546d7b690c26a59ae67967facdce8ec45b
  14. 19 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Johann's avatar
      Remove -fno-strict-aliasing flag · fad70a35
      Johann authored
      The referenced bug was fixed by saving neon registers. That this had any
      effect was coincidental.
      Both chromium and Android build with clang and neither uses this flag.
      Change-Id: I470247d6fd9226fc207b42a187105581a94badc3
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    • Johann's avatar
      Add default flags for arm64/armv8 builds · ac27b062
      Johann authored
      Allows building simple targets with sane default flags.
      For example, using the Android arm64 toolchain from the NDK:
      ./build/tools/make-standalone-toolchain.sh --arch=arm64 \
        --platform=android-24 --install-dir=/tmp/arm64
      CROSS=/tmp/arm64/bin/aarch64-linux-android- \
        ~/libvpx/configure --target=arm64-linux-gcc --disable-multithread
      Change-Id: I06f5a7564f5382cf1a4bad41aef4308566c53adf
  23. 18 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      remove vp10 · 67edc5e8
      James Zern authored
      development has moved to the nextgenv2 branch and a snapshot from here
      was used to seed aomedia
      Change-Id: Iedaca11ec7870fb3a4e50b2c9ea0c2b056a0d3c0
  24. 17 Jun, 2016 2 commits
    • Johann's avatar
      Configuration: Use 'is_in' instead of echo | grep · 1de5ba75
      Johann authored
      Change-Id: I38f7684969f12a624980f4e06698379a49e61bdf
    • Johann's avatar
      Parse codec options in order of occurrence. · 0146fa95
      Johann authored
      Each time a codec is enabled or disabled with the umbrella
      --enable-vpN flag, set the encoder and decoder configurations as well.
      This was done as a post-processing step but doing that lost the order of
      the arguments.
      Change-Id: Ic629bfdd06acc04bc5a7227309f36bba54dad8b1
  25. 12 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Brion Vibber's avatar
      Add --enable-shared option to iosbuild.sh to build dynamic framework · 992e4b70
      Brion Vibber authored
      Also allows use of --enable-shared when configuring for Mac OS X,
      producing a bare .dylib.
      Enabling the shared framework bumps the iOS deployment target to 8.0,
      the minimum required to support dynamic framework deployment in apps.
      When not using --enable-shared, a static library for iOS 6.0+ will still
      be built.
      Minimum version settings have been moved into ios-version.sh so they
      can be updated in a single place.
      As with the static build, unless header search paths are manually
      tweaked, users must add a VPX prefix on includes, such as:
        #include <VPX/vpx/vpx_decoder.h>
      A module map for headers is not yet included as inttypes.h is not
      modular; this means that VPX cannot be used directly in Swift code,
      but can still be pulled in through an Objective-C wrapper.
      Change-Id: I28fb06ce65e48ed167a88c14a7bfb2861989317e
  26. 02 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      configure.sh: Remove armv6-darwin target. · b05158d6
      Tom Finegan authored
      - iOS SDKs no longer ship with armv6 support.
      - Our minimum iOS version means all target devices have neon.
      - Remove armv6 darwin LD workaround.
        - This removes a TODO.
      Change-Id: I2fcb5b82c96213364275475be021c7dd8459d5c0
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    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Assert no 8x4/4x8 partition for scaled references · 03a021a6
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This commit adds a new configure option:
      The purpose of the configure option is to provide information on known
      hardware decoder implementation bugs, so encoder implementers may
      choose to implement their encoders in a way to avoid triggering these
      decoder bugs.
      The WebM team were made aware of that a number of hardware decoders
      have trouble in handling the combination of scaled frame reference
      frame and 8x4 or 4x8 partitions. This commit added asserts to vp9
      decoder, so when built with above configure option, the decoder can
      assert if an input bitstream triggers such decoder bug.
      Change-Id: I386204cfa80ed16b50ebde57f886121ed76200bf
  31. 18 Dec, 2015 2 commits
  32. 18 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      configure: simplify x86 asm dependencies · 6e6dbbc6
      James Zern authored
      --disable-XXX has the effect of disabling all extensions above it, e.g.,
      --disable-ssse3 disables ssse3-avx2.
      Change-Id: If02b44ca71ee12e4acb12010db8593a7989f2a9d
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