1. 24 Feb, 2011 2 commits
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      Overflow of frame error accumulators. · b862c108
      Paul Wilkins authored
      This fixes an overflow problem in the frame error accumulators.
      The overflow condition is extreme but did trigger when Frank B.
      coded some high motion interlaced HD content.
      The observed effect was a catastrophic  breakdown of the rate
      control leading to massive undershoot and poor bit allocation.
      All the error values should really be unsigned but I will look at this
      Change-Id: I9745f5c5ca2783620426b66b568b2088b579151f
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      Merge "documentation: minor cosmetics" · aee120af
      Johann authored
  2. 22 Feb, 2011 1 commit
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      purge wince configuration · 418f4219
      Johann authored
      this has been broken since the initial release
      Change-Id: If0d4deb2de9f7d0c4c05641e2bbf9cc1bf11e171
  3. 18 Feb, 2011 8 commits
  4. 17 Feb, 2011 6 commits
  5. 16 Feb, 2011 3 commits
  6. 15 Feb, 2011 1 commit
  7. 14 Feb, 2011 8 commits
  8. 11 Feb, 2011 5 commits
  9. 10 Feb, 2011 4 commits
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      Fix relative include paths · 02321de0
      John Koleszar authored
      Allow compiling without adding vp8/{common,encoder,decoder} to the
      include paths.
      Change-Id: Ifeb5dac351cdfadcd659736f5158b315a0030b6c
    • Yunqing Wang's avatar
      Improve motion search in real-time mode · 41e6eceb
      Yunqing Wang authored
      Applied better MV prediction in real-time mode, which improves
      the encoding quality.
      Used quarter-pixel search instead of iterative sub-pixel search
      for speed >=5 to improve encoding performance.
      Tests on the test set showed:
      1. For speed=-5, quality improvement: 1.7% on AvgPSNR and 2.1%
      on SSIM, performance improvement: 3.6% (This counts in the
      performance lose caused by MV prediction calculation in "Improve
      MV prediction in vp8_pick_inter_mode() for speed>3").
      2. For speed=-8, quality improvement: 2.1% on AvgPSNR and 2.5%
      on SSIM. but, 6.9% performance decrease because of MV prediction
      calculation. This should be improved later.
      Change-Id: I349a96c452bd691081d8c8e3e54419e7f477bebd
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      Merge "Adds armv6 optimized variance calculation" · 7d8199f0
      Johann authored
  10. 09 Feb, 2011 2 commits