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      quantize test: check skip_block · 357adb68
      Johann authored
      Not all sizes were tested previously. Only 4x4 and 32x32
      Change-Id: I4b4beab1b92a810a097a7306de04cc9e0e260315
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      quantize test: use negative input · 1092cc7f
      Johann authored
      coeff contains signed values.
      Change-Id: I02f74decf30379a28122169ab3e844d0f3bd7d23
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      neon: vpx_quantize_b_32x32 · 93166c5e
      Johann authored
      With skip block the neon is about twice as fast as C.
      The neon has no shortcut for coeff < zbin so it always takes the
      same amount of time. Even if the C can take the shortcut, it is over
      twice as fast in neon. If it can't, that gap increases to over 10x.
      Change-Id: I400722146c1b5a5f6289f67d85fd642463d2bfc6
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      quantize: copy ssse3 optimizations to intrinsics · d52cb597
      Johann authored
      Fairly minor differences from sse2. pabsw and psignw are the big gains.
      Also re-uses some values in eob calculation to avoid an extra pcmp.
      Fixes test failures in HBD and OS X builds.
      Allows using it in 32bit builds, where it is about 40% faster than sse2.
      Substantially faster than the assembly for skip_block. 10-20% faster the
      rest of the time.
      Change-Id: If783bb3567e561e47667e10133b9c84414a334e2
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      vp9: Partition logic adjustment for speed 6 feature. · 427de67e
      Marco authored
      When adapt_partition_source_sad is enabled (currently only at
      speed 6 for resoln <= 360p): use lower subsize (8x8 instead of 16x16)
      for nonrd_select_partition on 32X32 blocks.
      And force avoiding rectangular partition checks in
      nonrd_pick_partition for speed >= 6.
      Small increase ~0.5 in metrics for speed 6 on rtc_derf,
      no change in speed.
      Change-Id: Id751bc8f7573634571b2d6f5e29627cd5cebccae
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      Update 32x32 idct sse2 funcs, add partial case 135 · 853165ba
      Linfeng Zhang authored
      Change-Id: I2b9add83f6fd8f9138fed3bec04a59877a237a6a
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