2010-09-02 v0.9.2
  - Enhancements:
      Disable frame dropping by default
      Improved multithreaded performance
      Improved Force Key Frame Behaviour
      Increased rate control buffer level precision
      Fix bug in 1st pass motion compensation
      ivfenc: correct fixed kf interval, --disable-kf
  - Speed:
      Changed above and left context data layout
      Rework idct calling structure.
      Removed unnecessary MB_MODE_INFO copies
      x86: SSSE3 sixtap prediction
      Reworked IDCT to include reconstruction (add) step
      Swap alt/gold/new/last frame buffer ptrs instead of copying.
      Improve SSE2 loopfilter functions
      Change bitreader to use a larger window.
      Avoid loopfilter reinitialization when possible
  - Quality:
      Normalize quantizer's zero bin and rounding factors
      Add trellis quantization.
      Make the quantizer exact.
      Updates to ARNR filtering algorithm
      Fix breakout thresh computation for golden & AltRef frames
      Redo the forward 4x4 dct
      Improve the accuracy of forward walsh-hadamard transform
      Further adjustment of RD behaviour with Q and Zbin.
  - Build System:
      Allow linking of libs built with MinGW to MSVC
      Fix target auto-detection on mingw32
      Allow --cpu= to work for x86.
      configure: pass original arguments through to make dist
      Fix builds without runtime CPU detection
      msvs: fix install of codec sources
      msvs: Change devenv.com command line for better msys support
      msvs: Add vs9 targets.
      Add x86_64-linux-icc target
  - Bugs:
      Potential crashes on older MinGW builds
      Fix two-pass framrate for Y4M input.
      Fixed simple loop filter, other crashes on ARM v6
      arm: fix missing dependency with --enable-shared
      configure: support directories containing .o
      Replace pinsrw (SSE) with MMX instructions
      apple: include proper mach primatives
      Fixed rate control bug with long key frame interval.
      Fix DSO link errors on x86-64 when not using a version script
      Fixed buffer selection for UV in AltRef filtering
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