2011-08-15 v0.9.7-p1 "Cayuga" patch 1
  This is an incremental bugfix release against Cayuga. All users of that
  release are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

    - Fix potential OOB reads (cdae03a)

          An unbounded out of bounds read was discovered when the
          decoder was requested to perform error concealment (new in
          Cayuga) given a frame with corrupt partition sizes.

          A bounded out of bounds read was discovered affecting all
          versions of libvpx. Given an multipartition input frame that
          is truncated between the mode/mv partition and the first
          residiual paritition (in the block of partition offsets), up
          to 3 extra bytes could have been read from the source buffer.
          The code will not take any action regardless of the contents
          of these undefined bytes, as the truncated buffer is detected
          immediately following the read based on the calculated
          starting position of the coefficient partition.

    - Fix potential error concealment crash when the very first frame
      is missing or corrupt (a609be5)

    - Fix significant artifacts in error concealment (a4c2211, 99d870a)

    - Revert 1-pass CBR rate control changes (e961317)
      Further testing showed this change produced undesirable visual
      artifacts, rolling back for now.
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