2012-01-27 v1.0.0 "Duclair"
  Our fourth named release, focused on performance and features related to
  real-time encoding. It also fixes a decoder crash bug introduced in
  v0.9.7, so all users of that release are encouraged to upgrade.

  - Upgrading:
      This release is ABI incompatible with prior releases of libvpx, so the
      "major" version number has been bumped to 1. You must recompile your
      applications against the latest version of the libvpx headers. The
      API remains compatible, and this should not require code changes in most

  - Enhancements:
      This release introduces several substantial new features to the encoder,
      of particular interest to real time streaming applications.

      Temporal scalability allows the encoder to produce a stream that can
      be decimated to different frame rates, with independent rate targetting
      for each substream.

      Multiframe quality enhancement postprocessing can make visual quality
      more consistent in the presence of frames that are substantially
      different quality than the surrounding frames, as in the temporal
      scalability case and in some forced keyframe scenarios.

      Multiple-resolution encoding support allows the encoding of the
      same content at different resolutions faster than encoding them

  - Speed:
      Optimization targets for this release included the decoder and the real-
      time modes of the encoder. Decoder speed on x86 has improved 10.5% with
      this release. Encoder improvements followed a curve where speeds 1-3
      improved 4.0%-1.5%, speeds 4-8 improved <1%, and speeds 9-16 improved
      1.5% to 10.5%, respectively. "Best" mode speed is consistent with the
      Cayuga release.

  - Quality:
      Encoder quality in the single stream case is consistent with the Cayuga

  - Bug Fixes:
      This release fixes an OOB read decoder crash bug present in v0.9.7
      related to the clamping of motion vectors in SPLITMV blocks. This
      behavior could be triggered by corrupt input or by starting
      decoding from a P-frame.
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