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    consolidate block_error functions · 904b957a
    Johann authored
    vp9_highbd_block_error_8bit_c was a very simple wrapper around
    vp9_block_error_c. The SSE2 implemention was practically identical to
    the non-HBD one. It was missing some minor improvements which only
    went into the original version.
    In quick speed tests, the AVX implementation showed minimal
    improvement over SSE2 when it does not detect overflow. However, when
    overflow is detected the function is run a second time. The
    OperationCheck test seems to trigger this case and reverses any
    speed benefits by running ~60% slower. AVX2 on the other hand is
    always 30-40% faster.
    Change-Id: I9fcb9afbcb560f234c7ae1b13ddb69eca3988ba1
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