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    multi-res: add drop_frame support · 4066c8b2
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Added drop_frame support in multi-resolution encoder.
    If one frame is dropped at a lower-resolution level, the next
    upper-resolution level encoder needs to encode that frame
    independently without any lower-resolution level motion
    Another issue is that if one frame is dropped at some but not all
    resolution levels, a frame after that one may use different set
    of reference frames at different resolution levels. This reference
    frame asynchronization could degrade motion search precision in
    upper-resolution level encoding, which uses lower-resolution level
    motion result. This change compares the lower-resolution and upper-
    resolution level's reference frames. If they are not the same, the
    upper-resolution level encoder can not use lower-resolution level
    motion result.
    Change-Id: I61afa4f313630e75b7cbdd5742e230e8724a988a
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