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    Merge changes from topic 'fix-vp9-bitstream-test' · c667593e
    James Zern authored
    * changes:
      vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: cosmetics
      vp9...parms_get_to_decoder: remove unneeded func
      vp9...parms_get_to_decoder: fix EXPECT param order
      vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: delete dead code
      fix BitstreamParms test
      vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: remove vp10
      yuvconfig2image(): add explicit cast to avoid conv warning
      vp9/10 decoder_init: add missing alloc cast
      vp9/10: set color_space on preview frame
      vp10: add extern "C" to headers
      vp9: add extern "C" to headers
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