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    CVBR command line option. · 93e83fd7
    paulwilkins authored
    Added command line control of Corpus VBR.
    The new corpus vbr mode is a variant of standard
    VBR (end-usage=0) where the complexity distribution
    mid point is passed in rather than calculated for a specific
    clip or chunk.
    The new variant is enabled by setting a new command line
    parameter --corpus-complexity to a zero value. Omitting
    this parameter or setting it to 0 will cause the codec to use
    standard vbr mode.
    The correct value for a given corpus needs to be derived
    experimentally using a training set such that the average
    rate for the corpus is close to the target value.
    For example our using our low res test set with upper and lower
    vbr limits of 50%-150% and a corpus complexity value of 650
    gives a similar average data rate across the set to using standard
    vbr. However, with the corpus mode easier clips will be allocated
    fewer bits and harder clips more bits rather than having the same
    rate target for all.
    Change-Id: I03f0fc8c6fb0ee32dc03720fea6a3f1949118589
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