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    Don't #define snprintf in VS 2015 or higher. · cad0eca2
    Johann authored
    In VS 2015 and higher snprintf is supplied and therefore vsnprintf
    doesn't need to be defined. This also avoids problems caused by
    _snprintf being different from snprintf.
    This fixes a build break with VS 2015 and improves security.
    Originally submitted via chromium by brucedawson@chromium.org
    Additionally break this MSVC-specific tweak to a new file, which will
    become the home of all such MSVC-specific things.
    This requires adding a dependency on msvc.h to every example which uses
    args.c and tools_common.h
    Change-Id: I35b5f8e7ea00f6627403aabc9ea79b0412557a99
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