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    Speed up encoding by skipping altref recode · 76567d84
    Cheng Chen authored
    Speed up for speed 0.
    Reduce 10+% of encoding time for hdres in speed 0,
    with less than 0.1% PSNR loss.
    Compute total difference of previous and current frame context probability
    model. If the diff is less than the threshold, skip recoding the frame.
    Borg test (positive number means performance loss):
    		lowres    midres    hdres
    PSNR:		0.030     0.032     0.065
    Local speed test: bitrate set at 1200
    		blue_sky  pedestrian  rush_hour
    Encoding time:	 -10.0%     -16.5%      -16.5%
    Change-Id: I4e2d200ea3115d48b2c3e890143596b31b8ef9e9
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