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    vp9: Avoid encoder loopfilter for non-reference frames. · 863f860b
    Marco authored
    Useful for SVC, where the top layer enhancement frames may
    not update any reference buffers, as is the case for the
    patterns in the 1 pass CBR SVC when #temporal_layers > 1.
    ~3% encoder speedup for SVC patterns with temporal layers
    in 1 pass CBR mode.
    Updated the SVC datarate tests for the mismatch frames.
    Set the frame-dropper off in some tests with #temporal_layers > 1
    so we can correctly set #mismatch frames. Adjusted rate target
    threshold for tests where frame-dropper was turned off.
    Change-Id: Ia0c142f02100be0fed61cd2049691be9c59d6793
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