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    Allow target autodetection to work when cross-compiling. · 871bd23e
    Alexis Ballier authored
    Allow CHOST to override the gcc -dumpmachine output. This allows to
    use the target autodetection code when cross compiling by setting the
    CHOST variable.
    On Gentoo, we would like to support easy cross-compilation, and for
    libvpx this would basically mean copying the code in
    build/make/configure.sh to setup the right --target option. It seems a
    lot easier to let it guess by itself.
    Another option I considered was using CROSS-gcc instead but this would
    not work for our multilib setups: They use gcc -m32 to build 32bits
    binaries and gcc -m32 -dumpmachine will output the 64bits version,
    which would then make libvpx wrongly believe it is building for a
    64bits architecture.
    Change-Id: I05a19be402228f749e23be7473ca53ae74fd2186
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