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    vp9: Increase thr_var for 32x32 blocks in var-based partitioning. · 8cbd4f87
    jackychen authored
    For real-time mode, increase variance threshold for 32x32 blocks in
    var-based partitioning for resolution >= 720p, so that it is more
    likely to stay at 32x32 for high resolution which accelerates the
    encoding speed with little/no PSNR drop.
    PSNR effect on different speed settings:
    speed 8 rtc: 0.02 overall PSNR drop, 0.285% SSIM drop
    speed 7 rtc: 0.196% overall PSNR increase, 0.066% SSIM increase
    speed 5 rtc_derf: no effect.
    Speed up:
    gips_motion_WHD, 1mbps: 2.5% faster on speed 7, 2.6% faster on speed8
    gips_stat_WHD, 1mbps: 4.6% faster on speed 7, 5.6% faster on speed8
    Change-Id: Ie7c33c4d2dd7d09294917e031357fc5476c3a4bb
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