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    FTFY: an automated style corrector · cb265a49
    John Koleszar authored
    This is a utility for applying a limited amount of style correction on
    a change-by-change basis. Rather than a big-bang reformatting, this
    tool attempts to only correct the style in diff hunks that you touch.
    This should make the cosmetic changes small enough that we can mix them
    with functional changes without destroying the diffs, and there's an
    escape hatch for separating the reformatting to a second commit for
    purists and cases where it hurts readability.
    At this time, the script requires a clean working tree, so run it after
    you've commited your changes. Run without arguments, the style
    corrections will be applied and left unstaged in your working copy. It
    also supports the --amend option, which will automatically amend your
    HEAD with the corrected style, and --commit, which will create a new
    change dependent on your HEAD that contains only the whitespace changes.
    There are a number of ways this could be applied in an automated manner
    if this proves to be useful, either on a project-wide or per-user
    basis. This doesn't buy anything in terms of real code quality, the
    intent here would be to keep formatting nits out of review comments in
    favor of more meaningful ones and help people whose habitual style
    doesn't match the baseline.
    Requires astyle[1] 1.24 or newer.
      [1]: http://astyle.sourceforge.net/
    Change-Id: I2fb3434de8479655e9811f094029bb90e5d757e1
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