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    Make the row based multi-threaded encoder deterministic · 10a497bd
    Yunqing Wang authored
    This patch followed allow_exhaustive_searches feature modification and
    continued to modify the encoder to achieve the determinism in the row
    based multi-threaded encoding. While row-mt = 1 and using multiple
    threads, the adaptive feature in encoder was disabled, which gave
    BDRate gain(at speed 1, -0.6% ~ -0.7%; at speed 2, -0.46% ~ -0.59%),
    but some encoder speed losses(7% ~ 10% at speed 1 and 3% ~ 6% at
    speed 2). These speed losses were acceptable considering the speed
    gains obtained from row-mt.
    Change-Id: I60d87a25346ebc487a864b57d559f560b7e398bb
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