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    AVX2 SubPixel AVG Variance Optimization · ea149096
    levytamar82 authored
    Optimizing 2 functions to process 32 elements in parallel instead of 16:
    1. vp9_sub_pixel_avg_variance64x64
    2. vp9_sub_pixel_avg_variance32x32
    both of those function were calling vp9_sub_pixel_avg_variance16xh_ssse3
    instead of calling that function, it calls vp9_sub_pixel_avg_variance32xh_avx2
    that is written in avx2 and process 32 elements in parallel.
    This Optimization gave 80% function level gain and 2% user level gain
    Change-Id: Iea694654e1b7612dc6ed11e2626208c2179502c8
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