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    Casts to remove some warnings. · 3e9e7700
    paulwilkins authored
    Added casts to remove warnings:
    In regards to the safety of these casts they are of two types:-
    - Normalized bits per (16x16) MB stored in a 32 bit int (This is safe as bits
    per MB even with << 9 normalization cant overflow 32 bits. Even raw 12
    bits hdr source even would only be  29 bits :- (4+4+12+9) and the encoder
    imposes much stricter limits than this on max bit rate.
    - Cast as part of variance calculations.  There is an internal cast up to 64 bit
    for the Sum X Sum calculation, but after normalization dividing by the number
    of points the result will always be <= the SSE value.
    Change-Id: I4e700236ed83d6b2b1955e92e84c3b1978b9eaa0
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