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    Slow pshufb removal in 3 intra prediction functions. · ad0646cb
    Linfeng Zhang authored
    Replaced vpx_d45_predictor_4x4_ssse3(), vpx_d45_predictor_8x8_ssse3()
    and vpx_d207_predictor_4x4_ssse3() with
    created vpx_d45_predictor_4x4_sse2(), vpx_d45_predictor_8x8_sse2()
    and vpx_d207_predictor_4x4_sse2() respectively.
    It's mostly neutral or slightly worse than ssse3 in good cases and
    better than ssse3 in the bad cases (but still worse than using the mmx
    Change-Id: Ib0237ceb71d2c57b8a93fd3170330cfed9d56bdd