Commit 16ec39cf authored by Marco's avatar Marco Committed by Johann

vp9-denoiser bugfix: Disable postproc-denoiser under temporal denoising.

The postproc vp9_denoise() is a spatial denoise/blur function.
It was not intended to be used if temporal denoising is enabled.

Change-Id: I97d2dcb941e7cc49bbafce99d9286beb2693249d
parent b520882f
......@@ -3129,7 +3129,7 @@ static void set_size_dependent_vars(VP9_COMP *cpi, int *q,
if (oxcf->pass == 2 && cpi->sf.static_segmentation)
if (oxcf->noise_sensitivity > 0) {
int l = 0;
switch (oxcf->noise_sensitivity) {
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