Commit 2528051f authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern

frame_size_tests: reduce default 'large' frame size

VP9FrameSizeTestsLarge exposed an integer overflow in the VP9 encoder,
for now reduce the size to allow the tests to clear and prevent further
4096x4096 -> 4096x2160

this should be restored after the bug is fixed:

Change-Id: I47fdf0648f1d9a3951f731bbf0b727f85ada4fa1
parent aa2ba46a
......@@ -89,7 +89,8 @@ TEST_F(VP9FrameSizeTestsLarge, ValidSizes) {
// one for each lag in frames (for 2 pass), and then one for each possible
// reference buffer (8) - we can end up with up to 30 buffers of roughly this
// size or almost 1 gig of memory.
video.SetSize(4096, 4096);
// TODO(jzern): restore this to at least 4096x4096 after issue #828 is fixed.
video.SetSize(4096, 2160);
expected_res_ = VPX_CODEC_OK;
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