Commit 38ddb426 authored by Christian Duvivier's avatar Christian Duvivier Committed by Jim Bankoski

Inline Intrinsic optimized Denoiser

Faster version of denoiser, cut cost by 1.7x for C path, by 3.3x for
SSE2 path.

Change-Id: I154786308550763bc0e3497e5fa5bfd1ce651beb
parent 51fe9168
......@@ -967,7 +967,7 @@ process_common_toolchain() {
add_cflags -m${bits}
add_cflags -m${bits}
add_ldflags -m${bits}
......@@ -501,6 +501,12 @@ fi
prototype void vp8_yv12_copy_partial_frame "struct yv12_buffer_config *src_ybc, struct yv12_buffer_config *dst_ybc"
specialize vp8_yv12_copy_partial_frame neon
# Denoiser filter
prototype void vp8_denoiser_filter "struct yv12_buffer_config* mc_running_avg, struct yv12_buffer_config* running_avg, struct macroblock* signal, unsigned int motion_magnitude2, int y_offset, int uv_offset"
specialize vp8_denoiser_filter sse2
# End of encoder only functions
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@
#include "block.h"
typedef struct vp8_denoiser
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG yv12_running_avg;
......@@ -30,4 +32,12 @@ void vp8_denoiser_denoise_mb(VP8_DENOISER *denoiser,
int recon_yoffset,
int recon_uvoffset);
union coeff_pair
uint32_t as_int;
uint16_t as_short[2];
union coeff_pair *vp8_get_filter_coeff_LUT(unsigned int motion_magnitude);
* Copyright (c) 2012 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
* that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
* tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
* in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
* be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
#include "vp8/encoder/denoising.h"
#include "vp8/common/reconinter.h"
#include "vpx/vpx_integer.h"
#include "vpx_mem/vpx_mem.h"
#include "vpx_rtcd.h"
#include <emmintrin.h>
void vp8_denoiser_filter_sse2(YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *mc_running_avg,
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *running_avg,
MACROBLOCK *signal, unsigned int motion_magnitude,
int y_offset, int uv_offset)
unsigned char *sig = signal->thismb;
int sig_stride = 16;
unsigned char *mc_running_avg_y = mc_running_avg->y_buffer + y_offset;
int mc_avg_y_stride = mc_running_avg->y_stride;
unsigned char *running_avg_y = running_avg->y_buffer + y_offset;
int avg_y_stride = running_avg->y_stride;
const union coeff_pair *LUT = vp8_get_filter_coeff_LUT(motion_magnitude);
int r, c;
for (r = 0; r < 16; ++r)
__m128i filter_coefficient_00, filter_coefficient_04;
__m128i filter_coefficient_08, filter_coefficient_12;
__m128i v_sig0, v_sig1;
__m128i v_mc_running_avg_y0, v_mc_running_avg_y1;
__m128i state0, state1, state2, state3;
__m128i res0, res1, res2, res3;
__m128i v_running_avg_y;
__m128i diff0, diff1, diff0sq, diff1sq, diff_sq;
const __m128i kNOISE_DIFF2_THRESHOLD =
__m128i take_running, p0, p1, p2;
const __m128i k_zero = _mm_set1_epi16(0);
const __m128i k_128 = _mm_set1_epi32(128);
// Calculate absolute differences
DECLARE_ALIGNED_ARRAY(16,unsigned char,abs_diff,16);
__m128i v_sig = _mm_loadu_si128((__m128i *)(&sig[0]));
__m128i v_mc_running_avg_y = _mm_loadu_si128(
(__m128i *)(&mc_running_avg_y[0]));
__m128i a_minus_b = _mm_subs_epu8(v_sig, v_mc_running_avg_y);
__m128i b_minus_a = _mm_subs_epu8(v_mc_running_avg_y, v_sig);
__m128i v_abs_diff = _mm_adds_epu8(a_minus_b, b_minus_a);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)(&abs_diff[0]), v_abs_diff);
// Use LUT to get filter coefficients (two 16b value; f and 256-f)
for (c = 0; c < 16; ++c)
filter_coefficient[c] = LUT[abs_diff[c]].as_int;
// Filtering...
// load filter coefficients (two 16b value; f and 256-f)
filter_coefficient_00 = _mm_load_si128(
(__m128i *)(&filter_coefficient[ 0]));
filter_coefficient_04 = _mm_load_si128(
(__m128i *)(&filter_coefficient[ 4]));
filter_coefficient_08 = _mm_load_si128(
(__m128i *)(&filter_coefficient[ 8]));
filter_coefficient_12 = _mm_load_si128(
(__m128i *)(&filter_coefficient[12]));
// expand sig from 8b to 16b
v_sig0 = _mm_unpacklo_epi8(v_sig, k_zero);
v_sig1 = _mm_unpackhi_epi8(v_sig, k_zero);
// expand mc_running_avg_y from 8b to 16b
v_mc_running_avg_y0 = _mm_unpacklo_epi8(v_mc_running_avg_y, k_zero);
v_mc_running_avg_y1 = _mm_unpackhi_epi8(v_mc_running_avg_y, k_zero);
// interleave sig and mc_running_avg_y for upcoming multiply-add
state0 = _mm_unpacklo_epi16(v_mc_running_avg_y0, v_sig0);
state1 = _mm_unpackhi_epi16(v_mc_running_avg_y0, v_sig0);
state2 = _mm_unpacklo_epi16(v_mc_running_avg_y1, v_sig1);
state3 = _mm_unpackhi_epi16(v_mc_running_avg_y1, v_sig1);
// blend values
res0 = _mm_madd_epi16(filter_coefficient_00, state0);
res1 = _mm_madd_epi16(filter_coefficient_04, state1);
res2 = _mm_madd_epi16(filter_coefficient_08, state2);
res3 = _mm_madd_epi16(filter_coefficient_12, state3);
res0 = _mm_add_epi32(res0, k_128);
res1 = _mm_add_epi32(res1, k_128);
res2 = _mm_add_epi32(res2, k_128);
res3 = _mm_add_epi32(res3, k_128);
res0 = _mm_srai_epi32(res0, 8);
res1 = _mm_srai_epi32(res1, 8);
res2 = _mm_srai_epi32(res2, 8);
res3 = _mm_srai_epi32(res3, 8);
// combine the 32b results into a single 8b vector
res0 = _mm_packs_epi32(res0, res1);
res2 = _mm_packs_epi32(res2, res3);
v_running_avg_y = _mm_packus_epi16(res0, res2);
// Depending on the magnitude of the difference between the signal and
// filtered version, either replace the signal by the filtered one or
// update the filter state with the signal when the change in a pixel
// isn't classified as noise.
diff0 = _mm_sub_epi16(v_sig0, res0);
diff1 = _mm_sub_epi16(v_sig1, res2);
diff0sq = _mm_mullo_epi16(diff0, diff0);
diff1sq = _mm_mullo_epi16(diff1, diff1);
diff_sq = _mm_packus_epi16(diff0sq, diff1sq);
take_running = _mm_cmplt_epi8(diff_sq, kNOISE_DIFF2_THRESHOLD);
p0 = _mm_and_si128(take_running, v_running_avg_y);
p1 = _mm_andnot_si128(take_running, v_sig);
p2 = _mm_or_si128(p0, p1);
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)(&running_avg_y[0]), p2);
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)(&sig[0]), p2);
// Update pointers for next iteration.
sig += sig_stride;
mc_running_avg_y += mc_avg_y_stride;
running_avg_y += avg_y_stride;
......@@ -101,6 +101,14 @@ VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += encoder/x86/vp8_enc_stubs_mmx.c
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/dct_sse2.asm
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/fwalsh_sse2.asm
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/quantize_sse2.asm
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/denoising_sse2.c
ifeq ($(HAVE_SSE2),yes)
vp8/encoder/x86/denoising_sse2.c.o: CFLAGS += -msse2
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/subtract_sse2.asm
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/temporal_filter_apply_sse2.asm
VP8_CX_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += encoder/x86/vp8_enc_stubs_sse2.c
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