Commit 4230c230 authored by Peter de Rivaz's avatar Peter de Rivaz

Fixed calling of highbd transform.

This patch does not change behaviour because
vp9_fwht4x4 is identical to vp9_highbd_fwht4x4,
but it becomes important when accelerations are made
to vp9_highbd_fwht4x4 in a later patch.

Change-Id: I2b790316cdd498727c4951a9e591edb291de3ac8
parent 563aeba9
......@@ -3414,9 +3414,9 @@ static void encode_frame_internal(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
if (cm->use_highbitdepth)
x->fwd_txm4x4 = xd->lossless ? vp9_fwht4x4 : vp9_fdct4x4;
x->fwd_txm4x4 = xd->lossless ? vp9_highbd_fwht4x4 : vp9_highbd_fdct4x4;
x->fwd_txm4x4 = xd->lossless ? vp9_fwht4x4 : vp9_fdct4x4;
x->highbd_itxm_add = xd->lossless ? vp9_highbd_iwht4x4_add :
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