Commit 4800e179 authored by Marco's avatar Marco

vp8-denoiser: Fix threshold for skin map.

Make it consistent with the comment/intended behavior,
that is, only denoise if current block is zero_mv.

Change-Id: I3909761e802e80089752a493ab3646dc32698ded
parent 31a94868
......@@ -604,10 +604,9 @@ void vp8_denoiser_denoise_mb(VP8_DENOISER *denoiser,
// If block is considered to be skin area, lower the motion threshold.
// In current version set threshold = 1, so only denoise very low
// (i.e., zero) mv on skin.
// In current version set threshold = 0, so only denoise zero mv on skin.
if (x->is_skin)
motion_threshold = 1;
motion_threshold = 0;
if (motion_magnitude2 <
denoiser->denoise_pars.scale_increase_filter * NOISE_MOTION_THRESHOLD)
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