Commit 4a7cebe6 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern

make: add libvpx_test_srcs.txt target

same application as libvpx_srcs.txt

Change-Id: I1f096cc3c180d205365663c1aa5533b52561d811
parent 3f184bce
......@@ -383,6 +383,11 @@ LIBVPX_TEST_DATA=$(addprefix $(LIBVPX_TEST_DATA_PATH)/,\
$(call enabled,LIBVPX_TEST_DATA))
@echo " [CREATE] $@"
@echo $(LIBVPX_TEST_SRCS) | xargs -n1 echo | sort -u > $@
CLEAN-OBJS += libvpx_test_srcs.txt
@echo " [DOWNLOAD] $@"
$(qexec)trap 'rm -f $@' INT TERM &&\
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