Commit 5680b451 authored by paulwilkins's avatar paulwilkins

Changes to modified error.

The modified error was a derivative of the "coded_error"
that was used to allocate bits between different frames on the
assumption that the allocation should be linear in terms of this
modified error.  I.e. a frame with double the modified error score
should all things being equal get double the number of bits. The
code also included upper and lower caps derived from input
VBR parameters.

This patch improves the initial calculation of the clip mean error
(now called "mean_mod_score" as it is no longer a prediction error)
used as the midpoint for the rate distribution function and normalizes
the output "modified scores" scores such that 1.0 indicates a frame
in the middle of the distribution.  The VBR upper and lower caps are
then applied directly to a  frame's normalized score.

This refactoring is intended to make it easier to drop in alternative
distribution functions or to base the rate allocation on a corpus wide
midpoint (rather than the clip mean).

Change-Id: I4fb09de637e93566bfc4e022b2e7d04660817195
parent a2dfbbd7
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -138,9 +138,8 @@ typedef struct {
FIRSTPASS_STATS total_left_stats;
int first_pass_done;
int64_t bits_left;
double modified_error_min;
double modified_error_max;
double modified_error_left;
double mean_mod_score;
double normalized_score_left;
double mb_av_energy;
double mb_smooth_pct;
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