Commit 6fbc354c authored by Marco's avatar Marco

Nonrd_pickmode: avoid computing UV cost when early_term is set.

For nonrd_pickmode: if early_term is set there should be
no need to include UV in rdcost (when color_sensitivity is set).

Neutral change on RTC and RTC_derf metrics, for speed >= 5.
No change for ytlive metrics.

Very small speed gain (~0.5%) on some clips with strong color content.

Change-Id: Ifc00928ecd935fc71e94935ceef0ae7481249f07
parent eb7d431c
......@@ -2069,7 +2069,8 @@ void vp9_pick_inter_mode(VP9_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, TileDataEnc *tile_data,
this_rdc.rate += vp9_cost_bit(vp9_get_skip_prob(cm, xd), 1);
if (x->color_sensitivity[0] || x->color_sensitivity[1]) {
if (!this_early_term &&
(x->color_sensitivity[0] || x->color_sensitivity[1])) {
RD_COST rdc_uv;
const BLOCK_SIZE uv_bsize = get_plane_block_size(bsize, &xd->plane[1]);
if (x->color_sensitivity[0])
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