Commit 7d15444d authored by paulwilkins's avatar paulwilkins

Fix bug in setting sf->use_square_partition_only.

Fix bug in setting this flag for animated content.
The bug did cause quality to increase because far
more frames are not boosted than boosted.

However, the speed trade off to gain is a lot less
favorable and the behavior was not as intended.

Change-Id: I89fb70419c88b26f40b3534de0481730a1b3fcfa
parent fa94dbda
......@@ -118,10 +118,11 @@ static void set_good_speed_feature(VP9_COMP *cpi, VP9_COMMON *cm,
if (speed >= 1) {
if ((cpi->twopass.fr_content_type == FC_GRAPHICS_ANIMATION) ||
vp9_internal_image_edge(cpi)) {
sf->use_square_partition_only = frame_is_boosted(cpi);
sf->use_square_partition_only = !frame_is_boosted(cpi);
} else {
sf->use_square_partition_only = !frame_is_intra_only(cm);
sf->less_rectangular_check = 1;
sf->use_rd_breakout = 1;
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