Commit a925173d authored by Marco's avatar Marco

vp9-aqmode=3: Reduce condition below which we turn off delta-qp.

Add TODO to consider turning-off more smoothly.

Change-Id: Id6dd4c5c515f5b09c388af965eb27dbe24924362
parent 19de4d94
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ void vp9_cyclic_refresh_free(CYCLIC_REFRESH *cr) {
// Check if we should turn off cyclic refresh based on bitrate condition.
// TODO(marpan): May be better in some cases to just reduce the amount/delta-qp
// instead of completely shutting off.
static int apply_cyclic_refresh_bitrate(const VP9_COMMON *cm,
const RATE_CONTROL *rc) {
// Turn off cyclic refresh if bits available per frame is not sufficiently
......@@ -67,10 +69,10 @@ static int apply_cyclic_refresh_bitrate(const VP9_COMMON *cm,
// with number of seg blocks, so compare available bits to number of blocks.
// Average bits available per frame = avg_frame_bandwidth
// Number of (8x8) blocks in frame = mi_rows * mi_cols;
const float factor = 0.25;
const float factor = 0.15;
const int number_blocks = cm->mi_rows * cm->mi_cols;
// The condition below corresponds to turning off at target bitrates:
// (at 30fps), ~12kbps for CIF, 36kbps for VGA, 100kps for HD/720p.
// (at 30fps), ~8kbps for CIF, 20kbps for VGA, 60kps for HD/720p.
// Also turn off at very small frame sizes, to avoid too large fraction of
// superblocks to be refreshed per frame. Threshold below is less than QCIF.
if (rc->avg_frame_bandwidth < factor * number_blocks ||
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