Commit ad2e3598 authored by Marco's avatar Marco

vp9: Add key_frame condition to is_reference check for loopfilter.

This condiiton is not needed as key_frame should set the refresh
of the reference frames, but good to have for clarity in condition.

Change-Id: Icf9838e7e4f0ff5cf0a9562ae3b5d6c7e6f78702
parent a6095333
......@@ -2619,8 +2619,8 @@ static void loopfilter_frame(VP9_COMP *cpi, VP9_COMMON *cm) {
struct loopfilter *lf = &cm->lf;
const int is_reference_frame =
(cpi->refresh_last_frame || cpi->refresh_golden_frame ||
(cm->frame_type == KEY_FRAME || cpi->refresh_last_frame ||
cpi->refresh_golden_frame || cpi->refresh_alt_ref_frame);
if (xd->lossless) {
lf->filter_level = 0;
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