Commit be013eb3 authored by paulwilkins's avatar paulwilkins

Add experimental spatial de-noise filter on key frames.

For forced key frames in particular this helps to make them
blend better with the surrounding frames where noise tends
to be suppressed by a combination of quantization and alt
ref filtering.

Currently disabled by default under and IFDEF flag pending
wider testing.

Change-Id: I971b5cc2b2a4b9e1f11fe06c67ef073f01b25056
parent d004c640
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......@@ -301,6 +301,9 @@ typedef struct IMAGE_STAT {
double worst;
} ImageStat;
// Kf noise filtering currently disabled by default in build.
// #define ENABLE_KF_DENOISE 1
#define SAMPLE_RATE_GRACE_P 0.015
......@@ -381,6 +384,11 @@ typedef struct VP9_COMP {
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG scaled_source;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *unscaled_last_source;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG scaled_last_source;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG raw_unscaled_source;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG raw_scaled_source;
YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *raw_source_frame;
TileDataEnc *tile_data;
int allocated_tiles; // Keep track of memory allocated for tiles.
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