Commit cb4eb790 authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev

Converting vp8cx_set_ref example to use new API.

Change-Id: I8e40811c85c2246da75d9f06c4fda1a5079fcc71
parent d73c4ac8
......@@ -150,6 +150,10 @@ vp8_set_maps.SRCS += video_writer.h video_writer.c
vp8_set_maps.GUID = ECB2D24D-98B8-4015-A465-A4AF3DCC145F
vp8_set_maps.DESCRIPTION = VP8 set active and ROI maps
EXAMPLES-$(CONFIG_VP8_ENCODER) += vp8cx_set_ref.c
vp8cx_set_ref.SRCS += ivfenc.h ivfenc.c
vp8cx_set_ref.SRCS += tools_common.h tools_common.c
vp8cx_set_ref.SRCS += video_common.h
vp8cx_set_ref.SRCS += video_writer.h video_writer.c
vp8cx_set_ref.GUID = C5E31F7F-96F6-48BD-BD3E-10EBF6E8057A
vp8cx_set_ref.DESCRIPTION = VP8 set encoder reference frame
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