Commit d11c97e8 authored by Johann's avatar Johann

Require x86inc.asm

Force enable x86inc.asm when building for x86. Previously there were
compatibility issues so a flag was added to simplify disabling this

The known issues have been resolved and x86inc.asm is the preferred
abstraction layer (over x86_abi_support.asm).


Change-Id: Ib935e97b37ffb22d7af72ba0f04564ae6280f1fd
parent 04622637
......@@ -1397,7 +1397,7 @@ EOF
if [ "${tgt_isa}" = "x86_64" ] || [ "${tgt_isa}" = "x86" ]; then
soft_enable use_x86inc
enable_feature use_x86inc
# Position Independent Code (PIC) support, for building relocatable
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