Commit daed770d authored by Marco Paniconi's avatar Marco Paniconi

vp8: Set default denoiser_decision to copy for UV channel.

Since the UV decision to denoise is based on Y, we need to set
the default/initial denoiser decision_u/v to COPY_BLOCK,
to make sure if no uv_denoiser is applied we still update
(uv)running_avg with source.

Change-Id: I5af1c2afbd40c498cd3de208bea88c837099b24d
parent 97ccebac
......@@ -411,8 +411,8 @@ void vp8_denoiser_denoise_mb(VP8_DENOISER *denoiser,
MV_REFERENCE_FRAME zero_frame = x->best_zeromv_reference_frame;
enum vp8_denoiser_decision decision = FILTER_BLOCK;
enum vp8_denoiser_decision decision_u = FILTER_BLOCK;
enum vp8_denoiser_decision decision_v = FILTER_BLOCK;
enum vp8_denoiser_decision decision_u = COPY_BLOCK;
enum vp8_denoiser_decision decision_v = COPY_BLOCK;
if (zero_frame)
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