Commit f06de3b0 authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan

Remove decode_with_partial_drops example.

Bitrotted and non-functional. Does one of two things: Crashes or reports
errors and quits.

Change-Id: Ia9c391ecd6e716b183d925247bf3dc0509ce4586
parent cc5eee12
......@@ -146,11 +146,6 @@ decode_with_drops.SRCS += vpx_ports/mem_ops_aligned.h
decode_with_drops.GUID = CE5C53C4-8DDA-438A-86ED-0DDD3CDB8D26
decode_with_drops.DESCRIPTION = Drops frames while decoding
ifeq ($(CONFIG_VP8_DECODER),yes)
EXAMPLES-$(CONFIG_ERROR_CONCEALMENT) += decode_with_partial_drops.c
decode_with_partial_drops.GUID = 61C2D026-5754-46AC-916F-1343ECC5537E
decode_with_partial_drops.DESCRIPTION = Drops parts of frames while decoding
set_maps.SRCS += ivfenc.h ivfenc.c
set_maps.SRCS += tools_common.h tools_common.c
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