Commit f847a16a authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han

Add tx_type counts in key frame

Properly update the transform type counts in key frame coding at
decoder. It fixes an enc/dec mismatch issue when both ext-tx and
misc-fixes are turned on.

Change-Id: I1e40a77c8d8157d5ff254b072ce474d8dfbaa3ae
parent 05263051
......@@ -379,15 +379,17 @@ static void read_intra_frame_mode_info(VP10_COMMON *const cm,
if (bsize >= BLOCK_8X8 && cm->allow_screen_content_tools &&
mbmi->mode == DC_PRED)
read_palette_mode_info(cm, xd, r);
if (mbmi->tx_size <= TX_16X16 && cm->base_qindex > 0 &&
mbmi->sb_type >= BLOCK_8X8 && !mbmi->skip &&
!segfeature_active(&cm->seg, mbmi->segment_id, SEG_LVL_SKIP)) {
FRAME_COUNTS *counts = xd->counts;
mbmi->tx_type =
vpx_read_tree(r, vp10_tx_type_tree,
if (counts)
} else {
mbmi->tx_type = DCT_DCT;
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