1. 28 May, 2015 1 commit
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      Don't #define snprintf in VS 2015 or higher. · cad0eca2
      Johann authored
      In VS 2015 and higher snprintf is supplied and therefore vsnprintf
      doesn't need to be defined. This also avoids problems caused by
      _snprintf being different from snprintf.
      This fixes a build break with VS 2015 and improves security.
      Originally submitted via chromium by brucedawson@chromium.org
      Additionally break this MSVC-specific tweak to a new file, which will
      become the home of all such MSVC-specific things.
      This requires adding a dependency on msvc.h to every example which uses
      args.c and tools_common.h
      Change-Id: I35b5f8e7ea00f6627403aabc9ea79b0412557a99
  2. 14 May, 2015 1 commit
  3. 13 May, 2015 1 commit
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      Relocate memory operations for common code · 1d7ccd53
      Johann authored
      With the sad functions, and hopefully the variance functions soon,
      moving to the vpx_dsp location, place the defines used in the
      reference C code in a common location.
      Change-Id: I4c8ce7778eb38a0a3ee674d2f1c488eda01cfeca
  4. 07 May, 2015 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      James Zern authored
      this macro was used inconsistently and only differs in behavior from
      DECLARE_ALIGNED when an alignment attribute is unavailable. this macro
      is used with calls to assembly, while generic c-code doesn't rely on it,
      so in a c-only build without an alignment attribute the code will
      function as expected.
      Change-Id: Ie9d06d4028c0de17c63b3a27e6c1b0491cc4ea79
  5. 25 Apr, 2015 1 commit
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  7. 18 Mar, 2015 1 commit
  8. 24 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      x86: correct OSXSAVE + AVX bit check · 4ed1bda7
      James Zern authored
      the result should have both bits set; previously this was converted from
      webp incorrectly and resulted in a boolean check...
      Change-Id: I2a7c7f2b491945f3a536ab4fca02247eccc892b8
  9. 16 Jan, 2015 1 commit
  10. 12 Dec, 2014 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      x86_abi_support: set LIBVPX_RAND w/vp9-postproc · d5484f10
      James Zern authored
      set LIBVPX_RAND with --enable-vp9-postproc, previously only the vp8
      config was checked. this fixes the build with --disable-postproc.
      Change-Id: Ia61baded6aa0e44d6443ae4a3c85915f1054f053
  11. 07 Nov, 2014 1 commit
    • Johann's avatar
      Remove asm offset dependencies · 6eec73a7
      Johann authored
      The obj_int_extract code is no longer worth maintaining. It creates
      significant issues when adapting for different build systems and no
      longer offers as significant of a performance benefit due to
      improvements in intrinsics.
      Source files will remain until the various third-party builds are updated.
      The neon fast quantizer has been moved to intrinsics. The armv6 version
      has been removed because so few remaining targets require it.
      Compilers and processors have improved significantly since the
      pack_tokens code was written. The assembly is no longer faster than the
      C code.
      pack_tokens were the only optimizations for the armv5te targets so the targets
      will be removed after the test infrastructure has been updated.
      Change-Id: Ic785b167cd9f95eeff31c7c76b7b736c07fb30eb
  12. 25 Sep, 2014 1 commit
    • Johann's avatar
      Clarify GCC version check · f6be2f3c
      Johann authored
      The version check was incorrectly matching some versions of clang
      which reported as gcc 4.2
      Change-Id: I686d3576e71883fe1463206b56ab5e2aa9bb68a8
  13. 13 Sep, 2014 1 commit
  14. 09 Sep, 2014 1 commit
    • Johann's avatar
      Restructure ARM assumptions in cpudetect · 8dcdacc5
      Johann authored
      Allow building for targets which have NEON but not EDSP or MEDIA.
      Set HAS_NEON flag for builds which have neon assembly but not
      Change-Id: Ibfa81a8444a8c55d1d3209c533d1d70d2f809669
  15. 18 Aug, 2014 1 commit
    • Johann's avatar
      Include vpx_config.h in vpx_timer.h · 07a47466
      Johann authored
      vpx_timer.h uses several defines from the config file including
      Change-Id: I16cb45237787cbc1ae79a67e16b8042811dda336
  16. 12 Aug, 2014 2 commits
  17. 30 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  18. 13 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  19. 04 May, 2014 1 commit
    • Martin Storsjo's avatar
      Don't try to use getenv on windows phone/rt · 20babf6d
      Martin Storsjo authored
      The getenv function doesn't exist there. In Visual Studio 2012,
      the function still existed in the link libraries even though
      it was hidden in the headers, but in the 2013 version it has been
      removed from the link libraries as well.
      Change-Id: Iea6289a698fa1788e906f5aabb6fddda3675815b
  20. 27 Feb, 2014 1 commit
  21. 12 Feb, 2014 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kovalev's avatar
      Removing x86_cpuid.c. · 572f7162
      Dmitry Kovalev authored
      The file has implementation of only one function vpx_x86_vendor() which
      is unused.
      Change-Id: Icf8d7ee67cc8372affb7b5a436328cecdfd5e291
  22. 24 Jan, 2014 1 commit
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  27. 20 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Erik Niemeyer's avatar
      Support for extended feature flags enumeration leaf in CPUID instruction · 9f268611
      Erik Niemeyer authored
      This CL fixes an overcite with the AVX2 support CL previously
      merged (Change-Id: Idc03f3fca4bf2d0afd33631ea1d3caf8fc34ec29) that
      prevented runtime execution of AVX2 code in WebM. 
      Starting with the Sandybridge processor, the CPUID instruction was
      enhanced to add various extended feature flag enumeration leaves.
      Reading these leaves requires an additional input value for the CPUID
      instruction which is stored in ECX. This change adds this second input
      value for all ARCH_X86 and ARCH_x86_64 targets to the CPUID macros,
      allowing checks of EBX bit 5 for AVX2 support. This capability will be
      required moving forward to check for future processor features.
      Change-Id: Ie9d872bc9ff68dad4b6578e4544e4dfd0ae26c36
  28. 29 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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  32. 05 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kovalev's avatar
      Code cleanup. · 7f99c3c5
      Dmitry Kovalev authored
      Removing redundant 'extern' keywords, fixing formatting and #include order,
      code simplification.
      Change-Id: I0e5fdc8009010f3f885f13b5d76859b9da511758
  33. 01 Feb, 2013 1 commit
  34. 25 Jan, 2013 1 commit
  35. 14 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      Use INT64_MAX instead of LLONG_MAX · 24bc1a71
      John Koleszar authored
      These variables have the type int64_t, not long long. long long could
      be a larger type than 64 bits. Emulate INT64_MAX for older versions of
      MSVC, and remove the unreferenced vpx_ports/vpxtypes.h
      Change-Id: Ideaca71838fcd3849d816d5ab17aa347c97d03b0
  36. 26 Dec, 2012 1 commit
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  39. 19 Nov, 2012 1 commit