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    Eliminate more warnings. · c4d7e5e6
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    This eliminates a large set of warnings exposed by the Mozilla build
     system (Use of C++ comments in ISO C90 source, commas at the end of
     enum lists, a couple incomplete initializers, and signed/unsigned
    It also eliminates many (but not all) of the warnings expose by newer
     GCC versions and _FORTIFY_SOURCE (e.g., calling fread and fwrite
     without checking the return values).
    There are a few spurious warnings left on my system:
    ../vp8/encoder/encodemb.c:274:9: warning: 'sz' may be used
     uninitialized in this function
    gcc seems to be unable to figure out that the value shortcut doesn't
     change between the two if blocks that test it here.
    ../vp8/encoder/onyx_if.c:5314:5: warning: comparison of unsigned
     expression >= 0 is always true
    ../vp8/encoder/onyx_if.c:5319:5: warning: comparison of unsigned
     expression >= 0 is always true
    This is true, so far as it goes, but it's comparing against an enum, and the C
     standard does not mandate that enums be unsigned, so the checks can't be
    Change-Id: Iaf689ae3e3d0ddc5ade00faa474debe73b8d3395
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