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    roll libwebm snapshot · f749905d
    James Zern authored
    git log --no-merges --oneline 9732ae9..a97c484
    9096786 mkvparser: fix float conversion warning
    84e8257 disable -Wdeprecated-declarations in legacy code
    a98f495 AddGenericFrame: fix memory leak on failure
    da131dd AddCuePoint: fix memory leak on failure
    b0cea9c Add(Audio|Video)Track: fix memory leak on failure
    5261a67 webm_info: check vp9 ParseUncompressedHeader return
    85f7e2e webm_info,PrintVP9Info: validate alt ref sizes
    9b97ca1 vp9_header_parser_tests: check parser return
    300d6d8 CuePoint::Find: check Track pointer
    50c44bb webm_info,OutputCues: fix indexing of tracks
    a0d27f0 mkvparser,Block::Parse: remove incorrect assert
    784fc1b vttdemux,CloseFiles: check file pointer before closing
    b4522c1 .gitattributes: force mkv/webm to be treated as binary
    a118f3d Add test for projection parse failures.
    d398479 Add test for primary chromaticity parse failures.
    9bbec4c Fix permissions on test file.
    2cef4d5 mkvparser:Parse: s/FLT_MIN/-FLT_MAX/
    35a3c88 mkvmuxer: Turn off estimate_file_duration_ by default
    5a41830 mkvparser: Avoid double free when Chromaticity parse fails.
    67e3ffa mkvparser: Avoid casts of values too large for float in
    Projection elements.
    87bcddf vttdemux::ChapterAtomParser: check for NULL display string
    a534a24 Update .gitignore
    a0d67d0 mkvmuxer: Fix hard-coded data size in EbmlElementSize
    c36112c mkvparser: #include sys/type.h
    686664e Fix cmake generation warnings on Windows.
    2b2c196 cmake: Fix required flag check.
    166e40f Cmake refactor.
    9fb774a Add missing include in webm2pes.cc.
    4956b2d mkvmuxer: Force new clusters when audio queue gets too long.
    54f1559 cmake: Cache results of CXX flag tests.
    81c73fc mkvparser: Avoid alloc failures in SeekHead::Parse.
    Change-Id: Ib81b1772ec81e7af3852dcfef2d312416f6db53d
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